Blogging for exposure of my book



Among the seven billion people living in this world, my life is insignificant. It would be like a grain of sand. However, if one can see the world with this grain of sand (which is part of the world), I will pay kudos to you.

Despite my insignificance, I do feel alive with ideas and, sometimes, an inner angst to my environment. The culture I am living in is mingling with the cultures of the world. A sense of cultural identity was slowly waning away in the midst of globalisation. Please do not misunderstood me. By definition, my skin colour does betray my mind. I am Chinese by race and if I were to describe myself, I would consider myself as a world citizen. Worldly in the sense that I believe in the philosophy of the mind, as a dualism rather than monism. This understanding allows me to embrace the world and its diversity. The various ideas from Western philosophy to Eastern way of life. With a liberal attitude to global affairs and cultural inclinations, I allow myself to feel vulnerable and susceptible to my imperfections, both as a human and by ethnic race. I have grown to understand my ancestral roots as well as to accept that only with openness and an attitude towards acquiring wisdom (through knowledge) would then allow me to be able to be as humane as my emotions allow. This means that I do not see ethnic races as differences but the mind as the only barrier to ethnic and religious harmony with science as an avenue to offer us answers to our existence and religion as the moral basis for science.

I may not offer solutions to the many problems the human race face but I hope to contribute as much as I can, as a grain of sand. If I am able to connect with you through my book, I will be a contented philosopher in the comfort of my boredroom. If I am able to bring value to your life through my book, I would consider my book as a success, thus fulfilling myself as a social philosopher (though it’s accidental).

The social science that I have compiled and created in my book would then be more meaningful when the readers bring it to life (as in the Joseph Campbell’s quote in my blog) so that they asked relevant questions and provide the answers for themselves and in their social milieu.

My life is not the point but it provides the context for my book. I am only the vassal for the various ideas, including those that I created. The thoughtful readers would benefit most if they are able to consider the ideas in their own context and apply them to their whims and fancies – the book is the needle and the ideas in the book is the thread, the thoughtful reader is the tailor sewing the social fabric.

“Post-punk perception: Living in the Social Milieu” will be launching soon at a bookstore near you and an ebookstore near your DNS server.


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