“Nosey” Productivity Joke

This joke is about productivity. Regardless of the subject matter, it is a light-hearted, though absurd, look at the relentless pursue of productivity in the GDP growth of a nation at the expense of human connectedness. It is true that we need growth but it is also true that we need social cohesion to maintain harmony. In the joke, the interviewer and interviewees both connected with each other through productivity and their quirks of “nosey” business.

A man went for an interview and was asked about his achievements and strengths. After sharing his qualifications and achievements he went on to impress the interviewer 

“I am a good productive worker…I dig my nose while waiting for the traffic light to turn green!”
“In this way, I get to groom myself as well as being productive!”
The interviewer was impressed and asked further,
“So what do you do with the waste?”
The man replied, “Oh! If I got enough time, I wind down the window and then do the classic “roll and flick” out of the window. “If I got no time, I simply continue driving and placed behind the stirring wheel. Then clean it later.”
The interviewer nods in agreement and asked again. “What happen to those wet type that is not so easy to “roll and flick” but keeps sticking stubbornly from one finger to another finger when you try to flick?”
The man was surprise at the interviewer’s knowledge about it and replied, “Oh, you sure know about what I am talking about.” He continued, “For those ah, I simply wipe on my tie first.”
The interviewer asked further, “Is that what is on your tie now?”
The man, embarrassed that he forgot about it while rushing for the interview replied, “No lah. It’s the design of the tie. By the way, it’s a Raoul.”
The interviewer who is also a fashionista, replied, “Ah…the devil is in the details. Such exquisite taste!”
The interviewer then proceed to wrap up the interview with the interviewer showing the man his “ball” of nose waste accumulated during all his spare time waiting for all the interviewees over the span of hiring. The “ball” was about 10cm in diameter and weighs about 5g. 
It’s still warm…by the way.

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