Embracing LGBTs with dignity and respect.

With due regard to life’s harshness and every individuals struggle and triumphs in it, I do respect and embrace the LGBTs as valid humans being born in their own right. They are also capable of anything they want to achieve if they put their minds to it, including gay marriage. It is a respect out of life’s difficulties and struggles. My liberality includes accepting them as they are and also being free from prejudice as long as they respect heterosexuals in return and with an ethical approach to life.

Life’s sweet when we are able to love one another like brothers and sisters, even more so when we are able to settle down with a life partner, regardless of sexual orientation. LGBTs do have their physiological and belonging needs, some are even intellectual and is able to self-actualise not just for themselves and their loved ones but also contribute positively to their environment and the welfare of humanity.

I am a heterosexual by the way.


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