Forward thinking: Aiming for zero emission

Emitting zero emission had never been this sexy for me. Tesla Motor’s electric vehicles would be my ideal transport if Singapore can do away with its COE system. Owning a vehicle is possible but doing away with the COE system seems improbable – the key issues about the COE system is traffic congestion, car ownership affordability and a need for a car.

COE aside, Tesla’s electric vehicles are making inroads and creating values for consumers — the Model S, solar-powered supercharging stations, and now battery swapping stations. Even Tesla’s financing scheme sounds attractive,

If you do your financing with Tesla, we guarantee that the Model S will have the top residual value of any high volume premium sedan brand (Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Lexus) after three years of ownership. This means you will receive cash back in three years that exceeds the principal remaining on your loan.”


The forthcoming Tesla Model X- releasing in late 2014.

Another aspect of Tesla that impresses me would be its robotic factory. It boasts of exuberance in automation that any would dream of. It would be great if Singapore is able to lure Tesla to set up its factory in Singapore. It would provide employment with value, boost economy and keep our carbon emission low (though not energy consumption).

When Elon Musk took over Tesla Motors, he set out to create not just a different kind of electric car, but a different kind of car company. If Tesla Motors were to set up a factory here, Singapore will set out to create not just a viable business model for its economy, but also would help to create a zero carbon emission city-state.

This will definitely help curb climate change. Who knows one day Elon Musk would direct sunlight using his SpaceX project to his solar power stations?

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