The inexhaustible quest to know

the launch that sets to seek the one,
not the kind that souls are made of
but the ultimate dream of being in union with the twin.
is it a bubble that will burst?
or a dream that is already happening?
the launch that sets to heal my soul
the kind that eases my distraught mind
the one that pushes my wildest imagination forth.
is it a myth that i will never know?
or is it a thought that always glow?
the launch that return my justice
the kind that lawfulness doesn’t know,
the one I’m willing to live for love.
it is a question yet to know
and an answer I am not willing to forgo.
true love is an eternal process

her quest and my request of a legal conquest




True Love is not  someone you once knew, but the person you became because of it – the *sovereign’s love.

*Note: The sovereign here is not the traditional meaning of the sovereignty of the State or ‘dignitaries’. It is Bataille’s definition of someone having the sovereign mind to engage in the present, the pleasure of engaging in the moment’s activity. More about it in my forthcoming book ‘Post-punk perception: Living in the social milieu.’


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