My body lies over the couch…and sometimes my bed.

Oh well, I can’t help but to admit my weaknesses sometimes. In terms of physicality and mentally, I have been guilty of being out of sync with my health.

Health not for vanity sake but health for maintaining Aristotle’s stable hexis (disposition). I regulate my diet well but I am guilty of two things: my guilty pleasure of smoking as well as not working out those excess fats in my body (obesity). I was 102 kg last Oct 2012. I managed to lose 14 kg (to 88 kg) by December 2012. I slowly gained back most of my exuberance in 2013 and presently weighs 99 kg (an increment of 11 kg, an average of about 1.8kg/month).  I cut down my consumption for cigarettes from 1 pack a day (I have been a smoker for about 20 years at about 17 sticks a day) to the occasional spur-of-the-moment purchase for nicotine (I now smoke a pack of 20 sticks over a week and sometimes can stay smoke free for few weeks). My ultimate goal is to stop smoking when I start a family.

Habits are not part of ethos because habits arise from a conscious choice. Bad habits can definitely be stopped with conscious effort. It is true that nicotine is an addition but it is also true that this addiction can be cured. I know I can do it. There is no buts. At the same time, I also take for granted that I am still single and is conscious of smoking when that urge for guilty pleasure arise, especially when I want to lift myself up from my foul mood caused by authoritarianism in my country. More specifically the kind of hypocrisy that I face from them. Smoking does not solve the problem but it sure gives me the kick to rebel against their wishes. I function just as well with or without nicotine.

As for the second guilt, my obesity, it is not a serious problem but it sure add to my clumsiness if I remain sedentary over a long period of time. My ideal weight is 85 kg according to my Body-Mass Index but I am happy with it floating at a range between 88 kg to 92 kg. This is about 7 kg to 11 kg away.

Why should I be bothered since I do not care much about other’s perceptions about my physicality? First of all, I would do it for love and family (not my mother but for my own children, if any). Secondly, quitting smoking is definitely good and not a difficult thing to achieve because habitual activities are a conscious choice. I am able to stop smoking for few weeks mean that I am able to stop smoking eventually. The excuse is always about my life and my environment – the kind of hypocrisy I face daily about my fellow countrymen. Finally, this article really resonates in me. It is about how ‘My Lazy’ is winning the battle over ‘My Warrior’ in a case of being active or sedentary.

With this and Aristotle’s urge for us to be in a stable disposition, a healthy and balanced body with a mind free from addiction, it is definitely a desirable thing to be in good shape. However, being a smoker and obese does not affect your disposition much – it just makes you less desirable to others if they find that obesity and smoking is not their cup of tea.


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