Self-worth: the quality within us.

draft_lensHave you ever felt like a fish out of water?

Well if you are Nemo of ‘Finding Nemo‘, you will understand exactly the phrase ‘a fish out of water’. Nemo wasn’t literally out of water but he was definitely caught in a particular situation that causes him some unease. There was this self-worth in Nemo that makes him overcome his odds of getting home. The arduous journey to return home when Nemo is put in captivity in a dentist’s office. This self-worth I am referring to is not self-esteem or self-assurance, I refer self-worth as ‘the quality of an individual‘.

My book discusses this self-worth (the quality of an individual) in detail but in this blog I will share with you what it is, why it is worth considering, and how we can understand it to feel contented about ourselves, so that we stay in a stable disposition in our search for eudaimonia.

Lets take a mobile phone as an example.


The beginning of the mobile phone was the worth of it being mobile. We can carry it everywhere we go, including to the toilet. This worth of being mobile greatly increases the ease of communication and allowed us to stay connected with friends and family. Apart from making phone calls with the Nokia 3320, it also featured other qualities not available on a fixed landline phone, i.e. text messaging, games and calculator. Then came the next big thing about mobile phones – the smart phone. The smart phone has more smart features than we can imagine compared to the mobile phone – kudos to the late Steve Jobs with his introduction of the first iPhone from Apple back in 2007.

Now the worth, not in monetary terms, of a mobile phone (Nokia’s 3320) is that it is mobile. The quality of it is that it has features that traditional fixed landline phone does not. Compared to the smart phone, which has more features, the Nokia 3320 still has a worth provided the telcos continued with its data services (2G network – GSM). This worth is the same as Apple’s iPhone (also a 2G network – GSM), that is, the worth of it being mobile. However the qualities of a mobile phone (Nokia 3320) and a smart phone (iPhone) differ – you can compare the Nokia 3320 specifications and the first iPhone specifications.


The same worth applies to other smartphones when we compare smartphones with smartphones. However the qualities of the smartphones differ with each smart phone model from each smart phone manufacturer. For example:


iPhone 5 Vs Nokia Lumia 920 Vs Blackberry Z10 Vs HTC One Vs Samsung Galaxy S4


I would tabulate the different specifications out for the readers to see but that is besides the point. I am not promoting smartphones here but the readers, who are the participants in the reflexive theory give the participant bias that decides the fate of the respective smart phone manufacturers. However, where the worth of each smart phone is concern, they are all the same – the iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920, Blackberry Z10, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are all able to offer communication and help us stay connected. However the qualities of the smartphones are what set the competition apart. In the same way, the self-worth of an individual is the same but the quality of each individual is different. When ethics, virtuous living, brotherly love and eudaimonia comes into the picture, every individual has this self-worth. The self-worth is entirely in us in the same way that sovereignty is not entirely lost in us. The sovereignty I speak of is that of Bataille’s in his book, The Accursed Share, and my book also features Bataille’s intellectualism.

My book explains the idea of self-worth (quality of an individual) in detail in my book. It would be this self-worth that will help us keep calm in our search for eudaimonia when we understand the meaning and philosophy behind it. I believe that it is the same self-worth that Nemo has when he was a fish out of water and finding his way home.

P.S: Personally I think all the smart phone manufacturers are great companies; they make great phones and they have great features. They only need smart marketing to stay in the competition.


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