The paradoxical purpose of my book.

It has come to a point in my life where it has been so manipulated and screwed by the local authorities (whoever that has the power to) that I really despise them for what they have done to me and for their narrow and shallow wisdom. Do not get me wrong, I do not have a political agenda or seeking vengeance. If I do, revenge is a dish best served cold. Perhaps that’s why I publish my book which serve no purpose in the authoritarian Singaporean culture that is mainly Confucianism and ignorance (where ignorance is the only evil). To me, money has blinded most people that they do not seek truth (or wisdom) but instead allow themselves to be ends of the rich and powerful. If my book serve any purpose it would be to justify my life and it will be my ‘revenge’ on how my life has been manipulated. If wealth is evil it is only because it lacks knowledge and wisdom. If wealth is any good, it is knowledge that provides it the meaning and place that wealth should be – an intermediate good for eudaimonia.


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