Good friendships are rare.

First of all I would like to inform everyone that I do not take the family’s love as their endorsement of my wisdom or intellectual virtues. With regards to moral virtues, I think no one will ever be perfect but we are, to our best ability, practice them so that they become second nature. Even so, the context are different in different cultures but in a multi-racial culture like Singapore, I think it is very subjective because the majority are Chinese.

Next with regards to the years of snooping of my life (and the manipulation and threats, not to mention also the humiliation), the intent was never revealed and the wisdom confined to the perspectives of the authorities (In Singapore, those with authority are the government and its subsidiaries, which include the media). To these people, I will only kow tow to their ignorance for they always failed to convince me of their wisdom as well as their antics (the ethics are also very subjective and open for debate). In addition, because of my perceived association with the family, I do not want to jeopardise my family and do not want to take advantage of the foolishness done by the authorities. If there is any end to their means, I wonder what other means they will have to get my support for their end. In all, whatever I have to say about life is in my book, the politics are different in different countries and the social landscape are also peculiar in different countries. The sensitivities and maturity are also subjective due to the different educational background and upbringings. I never needed their approval and neither do them need mine, hence I do not know what they are up to except to make me look insignificance to their existence.

I am not a big fan of mainstream media but also understand that creativity are subjective. I am definitely a critique of irrational behaviour and actions that failed to do for the greater good. This is not to say that we our rational abilities are restricted, but healthy fun is really respectful and open play.

I won’t be attempting to disclose what they have done or cover up but I will definitely be saying to them that good friendships are rare. And if good friendships are rare, I am also aware that I won’t be making use of them or exploiting their insecurities. If I am open to them and realise they are not as open then I will not be going against their will or make them change their minds about being liberal. I will certainly not be their enemies, because to me, they are their worst enemies (to each its own if you like).

Finally, there is a difference between personality and character. We may marry someone because they have great personalities but it is the similarity in character that will make the marriage a rewarding and fulfilling journey. Though marriage is between two people, we are bound to be attracted to people who have great personalities because they are the life of every social functions. In the long run, I believe it is those with good character that will make productive and positive relationships when similar we share similar moral values and virtues. Rarely does beauty and virtue go together and so is personality and character but to have the company of good character and virtues would be the joy and contentment of any; and to grow old with beauty, virtues, personality and character is truly a blessing and a great honour for someone like me.

love and devotion

Butterflies in the tummy the way Pooh loves honey.


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