Blackmailing is a criminal behaviour

We should not encourage criminal behaviour by snooping on others’ lives and blackmailing them. Your ignorance contributes to their audacity of crime. The perpetrators’ ignorance, or lack of, is the root of their greed, ignorance and code of conduct. If hypocrisy has a face, it dons the mask of mass surveillance in the name of national security. My life is a victim of the oppressive authority and Edward Snowden is the willing victim of an unspoken crime done by the world’s most powerful people with the technology to ruin anyone’s life not in their scheme of things.

If democracy has any value, it is the freedom of expression to speak up against evil (for which ignorance is the root) and if freedom has any meaning, it is to be free from any prejudice and misgivings by those who do not share the same ideals but do not even respect the free will and power of the people.

Virtues can be taught and people need to practice these virtues to understand how others behave. It is not just virtues that provide a peaceful and meaningful life experience, it is also about a direction and an upbringing that will make you and your offsprings the participants of a world that is not feared by an unjust leader/leaders that are less competent to even conceive of any original innovation but even more incompetent to follow the moral guidance of our forefathers to set a good example for any citizens democracy had freed from oppression. As an agnostic, I do not think God wants you to snoop on others life so that you can make a moral judgement on them (for thou shalt not covert) or even to blackmail or coerce them into your scheme of things, let alone maintaining order with it. Order is a God-given right when we know that the leader has virtues (intellectual and moral) that speaks volume rather than snooping on your life to tell you that you are not worthy of a place in society simply because your ethics is not up to their standard and passing judgement unto you when they are not even divine themselves.

If the mobsters have organised crime in the past, this behaviour of snooping definitely contribute to an organised covert action against the privacy of the citizens to not guide them to paradise but instead to bring upon themselves the means of a rightful ruler that perhaps you did not vote for and might not even know how to equip yourself with the right knowledge to tell them what they are doing is not legal (internationally) and is causing unhappiness to those without the means of coverting. if they are happy to snoop in your life, they must be voyeurs that do not have any justified ethical values but will do all means to expose your life without even knowing what they stand for. If they stand up for any true moral values, they will be hypocritical to tell you that they are morally above you and you deserve to be punished without even standing trial – by manipulating your life without you evening knowing.

Edward Snowden is right. If the government wants to know how you are doing, asking is definitely cheaper than spying. For god’s sake, you are not the terrorists and the do-gooder are being ignorant about their own goodness and virtues – or at least, in the eyes of Edward Snowden, it is not right. You can change what you do not like but you can’t change every single person to just suit your life. Life revolves around truth and virtues and when life revolves around lies and deceptions, it is time to tell yourself that enough is enough. Do your best to be educated but most of all do your best not to be ignorant of evil.

Blackmailing is a criminal behaviour and once you give in to that, you are always a victim of oppression because you are coerced into doing something that violates your free will to induce a desired response. To be an accomplice of blackmailing is to accept bribery from the blackmailer to gain an unfair advantage to the victim and to control him with fear and malice manipulation. Educated means that you are being more knowledgable in life’s unknowns and should be an illuminating light to those who are ignorant, not to manipulate them into submission or to enslave them into your way of life.

Edward Snowden will not escape the law for what he have done but the public should judge for themselves what is just for him and the State. He should be given a fair trial and the public should also be speaking up against any oppression. Don’t be a victim of your life simply because you have lose your privacy to mass surveillance. Don’t be a victim of life because you are ignorant. Most importantly, do not be a criminal to others by snooping on others’  lives and blackmailing them.

honesty is the best policy

What you choose to hide from others are call subjective truths, but how you share them will become lies if you make up facts. Honesty is the best policy but when you snoop on others to ruin their lives, you are nothing but a criminal.


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