About my blog

This is the blog of an accidental philosopher and a social philosopher for that matter. This blog is based on the social philosophy in the book “Post-punk perception: Living in the Social Milieu.” There are various ideas in this book, some by the author himself, but most notably, it is based on Aristotelian ethics, golden mean philosophy, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the triune brain model, Herrmann’s whole brain model, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Affluence-Influence-Preference Theory (author’s idea), Neuro-Linguistic Programming, reflexive theory, the idea of self-worth (author’s idea) and Erich Fromm’s Theory of Love. It also helps if one understands the metaphysical idea of three planes of reality (author’s idea).

You can purchase the book by visiting the author’s website here and here.


There's only one way to learn; by sharing your thoughts

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